Students who have prior experience and work that has led to certification or specialization or who have taken courses that may fulfill a part of the curriculum program requirement may apply for a course waiver.

This is done through submission of a portfolio that provides documentation and evidence of this work.

  • Course Waiver Required Documentation

    1. A letter addressed to the Director of the Post Professional DPT Program formally requesting a course waiver for a specific course.
    2. Waiver for a didactic course: an official transcript for the course being considered for equivalency (unless it has already been submitted at the time of application) and a detailed course syllabus. The syllabus should include a topic outline of the course including the names of required text books and/or other learning experiences.Course descriptions found in a college catalog are NOT acceptable substitutes for course syllabi.


    Waiver for the Directed Practice course: documentation and self-assessment of performance to support the waiver request such as:

    • APTA Board certified clinical specialization (credits for Directed Practice)
    • Residency program in clinical area (credits for Directed Practice)
    • Post-professional master’s degree (credits for course work or preparation that is similar to required course)
    • Extensive teaching or management experience
    • Overall contribution to Physical Therapy practice

Approval of waiver will not be granted unless items 1 and 2 are submitted in full. If a waiver is granted the student is relieved of the requirement for taking the UIW course, but does not receive academic credit for the substitute course. The grade earned in the substitute course is not calculated into the UIW grade point average. A minimum of 18 credit hours is required to obtain a UIW degree and no more than 6 credit hours can be waived in the program.

Portfolio review will only be completed after enrollment into the Post Professional DPT program. The request for waiver should be made as early as possible after acceptance into the program.

The deadline to request a waiver is before

  • July 15 for a December graduation
  • November 15 for a May graduation
  • March 15 for an August graduation