Advising and Mentorship

Upon matriculation into the Doctor of Physical Therapy program, each student will be assigned a faculty advisor. The student is expected to meet with his or her faculty advisor periodically throughout the course of study. At minimum, the student should meet with the faculty advisor at least two times during each semester. While a student is on a Professional Practice Education experience, contact with the advisor may take place in person or by electronic means. In addition, the faculty advisor serves as the instructor of record for each academic year’s reflection course.

The faculty advisor is available to discuss various matters of concern, both academic and non-academic, and may provide the student with additional resources. The faculty advisor also serves as the student advocate in academic progress and/or disciplinary matters. Should the faculty advisor be unable to fulfill this role due to a conflict of interest or for other reasons, the student will be assigned a temporary advisor.

Individual faculty hours are posted in their course syllabi as well as on their respective office door. Faculty members are also available by appointment. Staff are generally available during normal work hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday) and by appointment except for University holidays.

Big/Little Program

Mentorship if offered via the Big/Little program. Each incoming “Little” student is assigned a “Big” upperclassman as a mentor to help them acclimate to the program. Formal and informal Big/Little activities are encouraged throughout the year.